RS232/CURRENT LOOP conversion and galvanic insulation.

ISORSCL-XX-2 provides connection of a device with RS232 interface to one or more devices with “current loop” interface. For this purpose the RS232 interface signals areISORS CL 54 1 V2 small converted into signals of "current loop" interface, allowing a connection length of up to 3 km depending on the baud rate. The two interfaces are galvanically insulated from the each other, which allows data exchange in environments with high level of electromagnetic interference and difference in the potentials of the masses of the communicating devices.

ISORSCL-XX-2 is an active device that provides power to the current circuit. Up to 4 passive devices with current loop interface can be connected to it.

Current through the current loop in the “MARK” state: 20 mA, 40 mA or 54 mA depending on the model. Other current values through the current loop are possible on request.

ISORSCL-XX-2 comes with a power cable and RS232 connection cable, equipped with a DB9F connector, wired for direct connection to a standard PC port.

Technical features:

  • Conversion of RS232 signals into "current loop" signals, galvanically insulated.
  • Mode: half duplex.
  • Maximum baud rate: 19200 bps.
  • Current through the current loop in “SPACE” state: < 4 mA (3 mA typical).
  • Current through the current loop in “MARK” state: 20mA ÷ 54 mA depending on the model.
  • Optical isolation: 1500VRMS.
  • Full three-way insulation between power supply and serial lines, protecting against equalizing currents.
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC.
  • Power consumption: ≤ 3VA.
  • Installation: on a panel, plate.
  • Cable type for the current loop: twisted pair.
  • Terminals for wires with cross-section: ≤ 1.5 mm².
  • Box dimensions (without connectors): 158.5 x 82.1 x 55 mm.
  • Protection degree: IP65.
  • Operating temperature range: +5 ÷ +55o C.
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 95%.


Connecting devices that communicate via RS232 with devices, supporting a "current loop" interface.
Building of management and information systems for technological and other processes.
Data collection and processing systems, industrial control systems.
Management of petrol stations, etc.

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