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Any device. Any network.

The easy way to get non-networked serial devices to communicate on any industrial network. Connect, configure, done!




Connect any industrial device

Retro-fit industrial devices with a serial RS-232/422/485 or CAN interface to all major fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet networks.

Nearly all machines and devices in operation today have a serial or CAN based RS-232/422/485 interface. Most of them perform well, but lack an interface to fieldbus or industrial Ethernet.

This is where the Anybus Communicator gateway comes in.

The Anybus gateway enables your device to connect to an industrial PLC control system without any hardware or software changes.

The gateway performs an intelligent protocol translation that allows devices and control systems to communicate seamlessly.


What you can do with an Anybus Communicator?


enable your devicetmb thumb80           make no changestmb thumb80         convert your protocoltmb thumb80
Retro-fit existing devices           Avoid hardware or software changes         Easily convert your devices' serial/CAN protocol
Avoid unnecessary investment by prolonging the life of a well-performing serial or CAN-based device. By using the Anybus Communicator, you can connect it to any fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network.           The Anybus Communicator connects your device as is. No hardware or software changes are required for your connected device. All data/protocol conversion is made, and mapped, to the network from inside the Anybus Communicator.         The flexibility of the Anybus Communicator means that you can convert almost any RS-232/422/485 Request/Response or Produce/Consume protocol — Modbus RTU, ASCII, DF1, CAN-based, or user-specific. The Communicator requires no PLC function blocks or any programming. Just connect, configure and you're done.
inexpensive network convectiontmb thumb80           connect slow serial devices without affecting performancetmb thumb80         simplify your network infrastructuretmb thumb80
Get an inexpensive network connection           Connect slow serial devices without affecting performance         Simplify your network infrastructure
With just ONE Anybus Communicator you can connect up to 31 nodes/devices in a multi-drop scenario by selecting RS-485. This allows for a very inexpensive fieldbus/Ethernet connection for your devices.           The Anybus Communicator internally stores and intelligently maps I/O data. This de-couples the upper fieldbus/Ethernet network and the slower serial/CAN sub-network. This means that devices with slow serial communication can be integrated into high-speed fieldbus/Ethernet networks without any restrictions to the upper network performance.         As an "in-chassis" alternative, you can mount the Anybus Communicator on a DIN-rail close the connected devices and free up PLC rack space and cabling.


Serial gateways

 Communicator EtherCAT    ABC3000 Profibus    ABC3013 Profinet
Anybus Communicator - EtherCAT
  Anybus Communicator - PROFIBUS
  Anybus Communicator - PROFINET
 ABC3007 EtherNetIP    communicator modbus tcp61fa5e0522ce670692f4ff00001bbfd4    common ethernet communicator 2 0 web
Anybus Communicator - Common Ethernet   Anybus Communicator - Modbus TCP   Anybus Communicator - EtherNet/IP Adapter
 anybus communicator profinet irt    anybus communicator modbus plus    anybus communicator interbus
Anybus Communicator - PROFINET-IRT
  Anybus Communicator - Modbus Plus
  Anybus Communicator - Interbus
ABC3000 Profibus   anybus communicator fipio ab7013 jpg   anybus communicator lonworks
Anybus Communicator - PROFIBUS   Anybus Communicator - FIPIO   Anybus Communicator - Lonworks
anybus communicator mobus rtu   anybus communicator devicenet   anybus communicator controlnet
Anybus Communicator - Modbus RTU
  Anybus Communicator - DeviceNet   Anybus Communicator - ControlNet
anybus communicator cc link ie field   anybus communicator ethercat   anybus communicator cc link ie field
Anybus Communicator - CC-Link   Anybus Communicator - EtherCAT   Anybus Communicator - CC-Link IE Field
anybus communicator modbus tcp   anybus communicator ethernet ip   anybus communicator canopen
Anybus Communicator - Modbus TCP   Anybus Communicator - EtherNet/IP     Anybus Communicator - CANopen 
anybus communicator profinet io        
Anybus Communicator - PROFINET         



 CAN gateways

 anybus communicator profinet irt    anybus communicator profinet io    anybus communicator modbus tcp
Anybus Communicator CAN - PROFINET-IRT   Anybus Communicator CAN - PROFINET    Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus TCP 
anybus communicator ethernet ip    anybus communicator ethercat    anybus communicator mobus rtu
Anybus Communicator CAN - EtherNet/IP    Anybus Communicator CAN - EtherCAT    Anybus Communicator CAN - Modbus RTU 
 anybus communicator devicenet   anybus communicator controlnet     anybus communicator cc link
Anybus Communicator CAN - DeviceNet   Anybus Communicator CAN - ControlNet   Anybus Communicator CAN - CC-Link
anybus communicator canopen   anybus communicator profibus    
Anybus Communicator CAN - CANopen    Anybus Communicator CAN - PROFIBUS     



Reduce implementation costs, increase your market, and maximize performance!

Gateways are a cost-effective solution that minimize hardware and software changes while maximizing performance.

  • No need to lay additional cables, just connect the gateway on the network where you need to connect to another fieldbus or Ethernet network
  • Simple integration into control systems as the gateway acts as a regular network node
  • No overhead code in the control system impacting execution time
  • Segments industrial Ethernet and fieldbus networks into different subnets
  • Reduces the number of card slots needed in the control system
  • Target new markets using different protocols without needing to change your hardware or software
  • Find the right equipment without worrying about compliance with your existing control system


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