Интеграция на IoT сензори в система за енергиен мониторинг

Системата за Енергиен Мониторинг (СЕМ), която КОМИКОН предлага на клиентите си, е предназначена за мониторинг, управление и оптимизация на енергията в индустриални, обществени и комерсиални обекти. Някои от основните задачи, които системата може да решава са:


1. Мониторинг на енергийни параметри WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, steam) – електроенергия, газ, вода, компресиран въздух, пара и други параметри

СЕМ предоставя възможности за непрекъснато проследяване на потреблението на енергия в реално време.

Network diagram 2a

Фигура 1. Наблюдение на електрически параметри в реално време

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Introducing the 700 Series Air: A Game Changer in HVAC Control

Intesis has recently launched the 700 Series Air, a groundbreaking concept that combines interfaces for multiple HVAC Brands and Building Automation protocols in the same hardware. This new product enables users to pair different combinations of HVAC brands and protocols using the Intesis MAPS configuration tool, a process called late configuration.

Intesis 700 Series Air is the common platform for HVAC control and energy efficiency.

Three gateways have been released under that concept, providing different communication capabilities:

700SeriesAir 770AIR Download 720px PNG 700SeriesAir 771PAN Download 720px PNG 700SeriesAir 776MHI Download 720px PNG

IN770-AIR enables the integration of multiple HVAC brands into BACnet, Modbus, KNX, or home automation systems.

IN771-AIR  allows the integration of Panasonic VRF units into BACnet, Modbus, KNX, or home automation systems.. IN776-MHI supports Mitsubishi Heavy Industries HVAC systems.


The 700 Series Air products offer a variety of benefits:

  • Stock-friendly. Multiple protocol combinations for each hardware.
  • Multiple indoor unit control with direct access to the outdoor unit bus.
  • Easy to set up with Intesis MAPS.
  • High capacity, up to 128 indoor units depending on the model.
  • International and local certifications. Ready to be sold worldwide.
  • Robust and reliable gateways, developed with the support and collaboration of the HVAC makers.

This new approach from Intesis to HVAC control reduces the number of order codes and increases configuration flexibility. Integrators can configure their gateways with new applications using the Intesis MAPS configuration tool.

One of the main values that the 700 Series Air is bringing to users is the ability to calculate the energy consumption of each indoor unit and enable integration into the BMS or control system for energy efficiency. By identifying which indoor units are consuming more energy than necessary, building managers can optimize their energy consumption, resulting in reduced energy bills and lower carbon emissions. The facility managers can identify units that may be malfunctioning or require maintenance, this can prevent costly repairs and downtime, as well as extend the lifespan of HVAC equipment.

The 700 Series Air is a game changer in HVAC control, offering unparalleled configuration flexibility and energy efficiency. With this new product, HMS Networks is revolutionizing the way HVAC systems are managed and controlled, providing a more user-friendly and sustainable solution for modern buildings.

Intesis is a HMS Networks brand.

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700 Series for Protocol Translation

The 700 Series is the new Intesis common platform for Protocol Translation

700 series sider


The solution that enables a series of gateways with common connectivity, where users can define which protocol translation application they need using our configuration software MAPS.

  • Match your hardware with your Protocol Translation application with just a few clicks
  • Exchangeable Protocol Translation combinations
  • Common configuration tool for all of them: Intesis MAPS
  • Hardware series for the most common Building Automation protocols in the industry.


-> How to change the gateway application

700 Series gateway solutions

IN700 Series is the common platform to swap between protocols

700Series 700485 Download 720px PNG

BACnet & Modbus


Intesis Protocol Translator with Serial and IP support

Discover the applications

700 Series IN701 KNX



Intesis Protocol Translator with KNX, Serial and IP support

Discover the applications

700 Series IN702 MEB



Intesis Protocol Translator with M-BUS, Serial and IP support

Coming soon

700 Series IN703 DAL



Intesis Protocol Translator with 1 DALI-2 channel, Serial and IP support

Coming soon 

700 Series IN704 DAL



Intesis Protocol Translator with 2 DALI-2 channel, Serial and IP support

Coming soon 

700 series in705 EIP



Intesis Protocol Translator with EtherNET/IP, Serial and IP

Coming soon 

700 series in706 PRT



Intesis Protocol Translator with PROFINET, Serial and IP

Coming soon

700 series in707 KDA



Intesis Protocol Translator with single DALI-2 to KNX

Coming soon

700 Series IN708 KMB



Intesis Protocol Translator with KNX and M-BUS

Coming soon

700 series in709 LON

BACnet to LonWorks


Intesis Protocol Translator with single BACnet IP/MSTP to LonWorks

Coming soon 

For more information contact us.




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"4F-Flying Forest Fires Fighting" presented at UFO Showcase Event

DronGW2bComicon and its partner – the company B2N presented their project "4F - Flying Forest Fires Fighting" оn 29.11.2022 at UFO Final Showcase Event (https://ktn-uk.org/events/ufo-showcase-event-latest-innovation-in-small-flying-objects/).

The UFO project (https://www.ufoproject.eu/) aims to foster the development of cross-sectoral industrial value chains between six emerging industries (mobility, environment, blue growth, finance and insurance, climate, digital and creativity/gaming), small flying objects, embedded key high technologies and solutions for analysis and use of data, stimulating the development of new products and services by SMEs.

UFO Showcase event2a

The final event of the project took place at the building of the Royal Geographical Society in London. At the event, all projects financed under the UFO project were presented, including "4F - Flying Forest Fires Fighting".


4F solution is designed to collect data from sensors in hard-to-reach areas for the purpose of forecasting and detecting forest fires. The solution consists of:
• a communication gateway installed on a drone;
• sensors for measuring air temperature and humidity, and particle matters, mounted on a drone;
• sensors for measuring soil (or dead forest floor) humidity and temperature, air temperature and humidity, installed in a forest;
• IoT software platform for collecting data from sensors and gateways, processing and visualizing data intended for analysing and management of forest fire risk at prevention and detection phases.

4F uses a wireless LPWAN sensor network, where the central communication device (the gateway) is installed on a drone. This allows easy data collection from all sensors within a radius of several kilometers even in rough and uneven terrains where the spreading of radio waves in the horizontal direction is difficult. The collected data is transmitted to an IoT platform via cellular communication. The ground surface in the forest often is not covered by 2G/3G/4G/5G communication. But when the drone rises above the ground and flies over a wide area, it can have good cellular network coverage and transmit the collected data to the 4F IoT platform.

More information: https://www.4f-solutions.eu/, 4F brochure: a5-Flyer_QR.pdf.

UFO logo


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Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE

Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE Expands the Wireless Solutions Range from HMS Networks.

HMS Networks now introduces the Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE which connects industrial machines to a cellular LTE network in a robust, versatile, and easy-to-implement solution.

Watch Product Manager Martin Falkman introduce the Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE and what you can do with it.

Since the launch six years ago, the Anybus® Wireless Bolt™ has enabled wireless Ethernet access to thousands of industrial applications. With a rugged, integrated and unique form factor for bolt-on-machine mounting, the Wireless Bolt solution is proven and trusted in the most demanding industrial environments globally. Building on this success, HMS Networks now launches the Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE.


The Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE is an industrial grade router which provides high speed transparent internet access to remote industrial machines via an LTE (4G) network with 3G fallback.

This enables users to perform comprehensive remote monitoring and analysis targeting increased system uptime and reduced costly maintenance trips.

The Wireless Bolt LTE is compatible with any TCP/UDP-based protocol such as MQTT and OPC UA, and can also be used to bring 4G connectivity to applications that do not have internet access or are limited to communicate over legacy standards such as 2G or 3G.


The robust IP66 and IP67-rated enclosure allows the Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE to be installed in the toughest of operating environments, and the wide temperature coverage (−40°C to 65°C) makes it suitable for outdoor applications. The Wireless Bolt LTE is installed either by bolting it to a 50 mm hole in the machine or cabinet where it creates a tight-fitting connection on the exterior of the machine, or by mounting it to a post, wall or similar, using the mounting accessory Bolt Base Protector.


The Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE is packaged in an all-in-one solution including an Ethernet RJ45 connector, radio modem, GPS tracker, and integrated dual antennas. The product can be powered through an Ethernet cable, i.e. Power over Ethernet, or via separate power terminals.

Ethernet cables can be up to 100 meters long, enabling users to optimize the placement of Wireless Bolt LTE up to 100 meters from the connected industrial equipment.

As the rugged all-in-one solution can be installed in an exposed location, there is no need for an external antenna or antenna cable to the Wireless Bolt LTE. This has both financial and practical benefits, as external antennas can be expensive, fragile, and very sensitive to interference.


The Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE is easy to set up and provides the possibility to remotely access the connected industrial machine or equipment for remote management purposes such as firmware upgrades, diagnostics, and configurations using a built-in web page or by sending REST commands via the Ethernet port. The communication link is initiated from the application connected to the Bolt LAN-port.


The Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE is packaged in an elegant and innovative form factor that blends in well, making it look like an integrated part of the installation.

The Wireless Bolt LTE combines the unique, robust form factor of our existing Wireless Bolt products with a high-speed internet connection, and this is opening up a lot of possible uses,” explains Martin Falkman Product Manager at HMS Networks.

The feedback from early adopters has been very positive. We get many comments about how easy it is to set up, and how all features make it very practical in the field. The fact that an external antenna is not required is very appreciated since users often face connectivity problems with external antennas - and sometimes they even get stolen. The built-in GPS tracker has been well received by the early adopters, and they also like that the same product can be used for both low bandwidth communication, such as MQTT, as well as connections which require more bandwidth such as firmware updates or video transmissions.

The Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE is available in both white and black, where the white version is recommended in installations exposed to sunlight as it is verified for use in higher temperatures (up to +65°).

anybus wireless bolt mounting 1



pole mounting d

The Wireless Bolt LTE enables use of Power over Ethernet (PoE). Here mounted using the Bolt Base Protector mounting kit.


More about Anybus Wireless Bolt LTE


HMS Networks AB (publ) is a market-leading provider of solutions in industrial information and communication technology (Industrial ICT). HMS develops and manufactures products under the Anybus®, Ixxat®, Ewon® and Intesis® brands. Development takes place at the headquarter in Halmstad and also in Ravensburg, Nivelles, Igualada, Wetzlar, Buchen, Delft and Bilbao. Local sales and support are handled by branch offices in Germany, USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, India, UK, Sweden, South Korea and UAE, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors and partners. HMS employs over 750 people and reported sales of SEK 1,972 million in 2021. HMS is listed on the NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm, category Large Cap, Information Technology.

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