The building management system controls main indicators about the systems in the building - electrical parameters and electricity, lighting - indoor, facade and billboards, ventilation, air conditioning, drainage pumps, elevators, underground parking lots, etc.

The home automation system provides security, comfort, cosiness, health. It performs for the occupants:

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems management.
  • Monitoring and control of air quality and purity - CO2, VOC, PM.
  • Access control - smart locks.
  • Lighting and sun protection control.
  • Lamp control by actuators, lamps with integrated IP.
  • Control of boiler and solar installation - water temperature and pressure, use of night tariff, heating to a degree tailored to the needs of occupants.
  • Monitoring of analytical parameters about the health and behavior of the occupants (children, adults) and their health status.
  • Pet monitoring - water temperature in the aquarium, loading food, etc.
  • Control of parameters in additional premises - garage, basement, swimming pool.
  • And much more.

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