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Saving the energy and optimisation of the energy consumption are critical challenges to our world , that we have to deal well. By using an Energy monitoring or management system each company can  reduce and optimize its energy expenses. The company can achieve a smaller part of energy expenses in the production cost and a profit increasing. And last but not least - this approach will help the efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Comicon has a significant long term experience in the field of commissioning of energy management and monitoring systems - basic and detailed design, procurement, installation and putting in operation.

Our energy management and monitoring system covers all energy carriers in the enterprise - electricity, gas, water, steam, etc., and technological parameters as well. The system is modular based and can be easily extended at a later stage.

Our customer can solve the following tasks, using our EMS systems:

  • real time monitoring of energy and technological parameters by set oV 03 3f hierarchical screens, indicators with changing coloring, trends, alarm messages;
  • automated remote reading of measuring devices for electricity, thermal power energy, water, steam, gas, drill water, tailing, integrated IoT sensors, etc.;
  • integration of measuring devices with different communication protocols supported like Modbus RTU and TCP, Profinet, M-bus, IEC 68705-5-105,  etc.;
  • periodic backup of records in database, manual and automatic generation of  reports, export in various file formats for further processing and visualization, graphical representation of archived data with manageable scale and dimensions;
  • gathering of analytical data for assessment of energy efficiency in production plants, particular installations,  processes, machines, offices, buildings, hotel parts, etc.;
  • a platform for precise daily planning of the energy required to be supplied;
  • comparison between the measured by the system energy consumption and the quantities invoiced by suppliers for certain periods;
  • objective distribution of energy costs between divisions, departments, production, production lines, working shifts, users of premises, etc.;
  • management of compensative loads so as the quantities of the consumed electrical energy to correspond to the planned ones;
  • detection of unacceptable deviations in energy parameters;
  • detection of inefficient energy consumption in certain areas and time periods;
  • detection of equipment in pre-failure condition and its respective shut off and repair;
  • defining the share of the energy expenses in the production cost;
  • reduction of the energy expenses as a result of the improved energy management.

Further, taking into account the specifics of the enterprise, additional subsystems for automatic control V 27 2 of energy and fluids subsystems can be added to the energy management system, such as lighting control, heating control, automatic unloading, etc.

In our work we follow our Comicon methodology for commissioning of automatized systems for energy monitoring / management, which is based on our many-year experience in this field.

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