EnMGW 2aEnMGW - EnOcean Modbus Gateway for bidirectional communication between EnOcean radio network and Modbus.

Connects EnOcean devices to Modbus RTU network.

Adds EnOcean wireless functionality to existing building automation systems.

Provides connection to every EnOcean network.

The gateway provides bidirectional data transfer between wireless EnOcean devices and Modbus RTU network.

Each EnMGW can receive data from up to 16 EnOcean wireless sensor/ input devices and can send data to up to 16 EnOcean wireless output devices.

EnMGW comes with flexible PC configuration software that gives the user ability to freely customize the connection between the wireless EnOcean devices and the Modbus registers.

The function of the gateway is to deliver the received information from the wireless sensors to assigned Modbus registers and to transfer the received via Modbus data to the wireless actuators.

EnMGW acts as a Modbus RTU slave, can be connected via RS-485 interface to any Modbus network and to communicates with master devices - PLC, PC, HMI panel, SCADA, OPC or other.



  • RF frequency: 868.3 MHz with ASK modulation.
  • RF data rate: 125Kbps.
  • RF data transmission range - typically 30 meters for passageways, up to 100 meters indoors.
  • Communication with up to 16 wireless sensors and drives.
  • Serial protocol: Modbus RTU protocol / slave.
  • Serial interface: RS-485, data rate - 19200 b/s, EVEN parity.
  • Terminating resistor, jumper connecting.
  • Terminals: for screws max. 1.5mm2.
  • Power supply - 12 / 24 VDC or 230 VAC.
  • Consumption: max.50mA.
  • Protection: IP20.
  • Operating temperature: 0°C ÷ 55°C.



Easy installation, the user doesn’t need to know the EnOcean wireless protocol.
Easy configuration.
No maintenance required.



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Energy management and monitoring.

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