ZSERIAL 124 400Easy and fast connect the segments of serial interfaces ?

Wirelessly extend the serial interface RS232, RS485, RS422 ?

Use the ZSerial modules of Comicon.

Use ZSerial to connect wireless remote segments of your RS 485 or RS 422 networks, or your RS 232 devices.

Operation modes: "point-to-point" or "point-to-multipoint".

ZSerial works with RS 232, RS 485 (2-wire connection), RS 422 (4-wire connection) serial interfaces.

Wireless radiocommunication is based on IEEE802.15.4 standard.


  • Frequency – ISM Band, 2.4 GHz, free from licensing
  • RF data rate: 250 000 bps
  • Modulation: OQPSK, DSSS
  • Serial interface data rate: 1200 ÷ 115 200 bps
  • Output radio power: programmable, max.  63 mW
  • Compatible with Modbus and other 11-bit serial protocols
  • Software correction of the output power
  • Reliable work  inside and outside.


  • Connect devices with different parameters of the serial interface: baud rate, number of bits, parity control.
  • Safe money and time necessary for  cable installation
  • Easy and fast extension of existing RS485 networks
  • Wide temperature range: –20oC ÷ +60oC
  • IP54 protection
  • Power supply 220 VAC or 6 VAC, built-in lightning protection
  • Small dimensions, easy installation.

More information:

pdf ZigBee ZSerial (62 KB)

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