ISO485DR 1

Technical features:

- 3-wire connection of RS232 (RxD, TxD, GND).

- Built-in Automatic Send Data Control on RS485/RS422.

- Compatible with Windows and multitask OS.

- 3-way galvanic insulation between the interfaces and the power supply.

- Baud rate – up to 115.2 kbps, configurable.

- Modes of operation: half-duplex RS485 (2(3)-wire), full duplex RS485 (4(5)-wire), point-to-point RS422 (4-wire).

- External power supply 230 VAC.

- Dismountable terminal block.

- Built-in terminals on RS485/422 lines.

- LED indication about the data traffic.

- Wide working temperature ranges: -20o to +55º C.

- Dimensions: 35х110x58 mm with the terminals.

- Protection: IP20

- Easy mount on 35 mm DIN rail.

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