For connection and galvanical insulation of devices with interfaces RS232, RS485, RS422 (RS485F) and current loop.

General specification:ISO485DR 1

  • Own power supply 220 VAC, built-in overload protection.
  • Three-way galvanic insulation.
  • Baud rate - up to 125 Kbps.


Specific technical features:

  • ISO485DR, REP485DR-B, REP485DR-C - automatic send data control.
  • ISORS422-B – control of transmission direction by RTS signal in half duplex mode, without transmission direction control in full duplex mode.
  • REP485DR-B Plug&Play repeater, extends the line / increasing the number of the devices in the RS485 network.
  • REP485DR-C - extends the line / increasing the number of the devices in the RS422 network.
  • ISORS-CL - an active device, feeds the current loop, capable to operate from 4 to 54 mA. Without control of the data transmission direction.
  • ISORS422-B, ISORS-CL – cable are leaded via cable glands.


Product list:

  Parameter \ model ISO485DR ISORS422-B REP485DR-B REP485DR-C ISORS-CL
1 Interface side A RS232 RS232 RS485 RS485/RS422 RS232
2 Interface side B RS485/RS422 RS485/RS422 RS485 RS485/RS422 current loop
3 Automatic send data control yes no yes yes -
4 Receive/ transmit mode half/ full duplex half/ full/ duplex half duplex half/ full duplex half duplex
5 Mounting on a standard DIN rail on a wall on a standard DIN rail on a standard DIN rail on a wall
6 Protection IP20 IP50 IP20 IP20 IP50

Applications:ISORSCL 2

  • Control and information systems.
  • In systems for data collection and processing.
  • Petrol stations, etc.

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