Comicon has executed a project for an upgrade and further developing of an existing energy management system serving six factories in different locations across the country. The project has included system software replacement and commissioning, inspection and maintenance of an existing system equipment, establishment of new measuring points and implementation of new equipment.

V 03 3The renewed system covers 6100 tags. Approximately 350 HMI screens (general and detailed), 300 trends, 240 reports were developed and configured. Data are stored in local servers (for each factory) and in a central server. At loss of communication the data are buffered automatically and at restoration of the communication they are transferred, so data loss can not occur.

The system monitors the consumptions of electricity, water and gas, and the produced quantities by the technological equipment as well. Other energy and technological parameters may be included.

The energy management system helps our customer staff to solve the following important tasks:

  • operational monitoring of energy and technological parameters by set of screens, trends, alarm signalisation
  • remote reading of measuring instruments
  • gathering analytical data on the energy efficiency in the enterprise
  • planning of the quantity of electrical energy that has to be delivered
  • managing of compensating loads in order to optimize the real energy usage comparering to the planned one 
  • detection of unacceptable deviations in energy parameters
  • finding out of inefficient energy consumption in certain places and time periods
  • detection of equipment in pre-fault condition and its switch off for repair
  • determining the part of the energy cost in the products value
  • reduction of the energy costs in the enterprise due to improved energy management.

Comicon supplies energy management systems that are based on modular and hierarchical principles. The systems can be expanded easily at a later stage and for low price. Measurement points for gas, water and other fluids and also for material flows can be added.

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