"4F-Flying Forest Fires Fighting" presented at UFO Showcase Event

DronGW2bComicon and its partner – the company B2N presented their project "4F - Flying Forest Fires Fighting" оn 29.11.2022 at UFO Final Showcase Event (https://ktn-uk.org/events/ufo-showcase-event-latest-innovation-in-small-flying-objects/).

The UFO project (https://www.ufoproject.eu/) aims to foster the development of cross-sectoral industrial value chains between six emerging industries (mobility, environment, blue growth, finance and insurance, climate, digital and creativity/gaming), small flying objects, embedded key high technologies and solutions for analysis and use of data, stimulating the development of new products and services by SMEs.

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The final event of the project took place at the building of the Royal Geographical Society in London. At the event, all projects financed under the UFO project were presented, including "4F - Flying Forest Fires Fighting".


4F solution is designed to collect data from sensors in hard-to-reach areas for the purpose of forecasting and detecting forest fires. The solution consists of:
• a communication gateway installed on a drone;
• sensors for measuring air temperature and humidity, and particle matters, mounted on a drone;
• sensors for measuring soil (or dead forest floor) humidity and temperature, air temperature and humidity, installed in a forest;
• IoT software platform for collecting data from sensors and gateways, processing and visualizing data intended for analysing and management of forest fire risk at prevention and detection phases.

4F uses a wireless LPWAN sensor network, where the central communication device (the gateway) is installed on a drone. This allows easy data collection from all sensors within a radius of several kilometers even in rough and uneven terrains where the spreading of radio waves in the horizontal direction is difficult. The collected data is transmitted to an IoT platform via cellular communication. The ground surface in the forest often is not covered by 2G/3G/4G/5G communication. But when the drone rises above the ground and flies over a wide area, it can have good cellular network coverage and transmit the collected data to the 4F IoT platform.

More information: https://www.4f-solutions.eu/, 4F brochure: a5-Flyer_QR.pdf.

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