HMS Networks: Ewon Netbiter gateways

Remotely monitor and control your industrial equipment and installations in the field, from the cloud - anytime, anywhere!

Ewon Netbiter is a complete hardware and software solution enabling you to remotely manage your installations online!


What you can do with Netbiter:netbiter connectivity gateways

  • VISUALIZE: Create Dashboards to visualize equipment data. Display energy consumption, tank levels, water quality and much more.
  • ANALYZE: Use data trends and reports to monitor equipment data over-time. Ideal for predictive maintenance
  • MANAGE: Configure Alarms to site owners or service personnel. Manage assests in multiple locations, deploy large-scale installations easily.
  • CONTROL: Take control  - Stop/Start remote equipment in the field.
  • INTEGRATE: Use the Argos API and integrate field data into your BMS systems or to any other IOT platform. 


A complete solution for Remote Management of industrial equipment. 

The Netbiter solution consists of Netbiter Argos™ a secure IOT managment platform and Netbiter Edge connectivity gateways that connects to your field equipment.
Once your equipment is connected with the gateway, you can simply login to Argos via and start to manage your equipment remotely. Argos is a complete and secure cloud-based, Industrial IOT platform consisting of Dashboards, Alarm management, Trend & Report features, User access controls and much more.
When getting started with Netbiter, you simply add your equipment parameters to your Argos dashboard and design and configure how you like!


For all applications and industries
Almost any industrial equipment can be connected! Netbiter supports Modbus RTU/TCP, J1939, EtherNet/IP and has multiple ports for Serial/Ethernet or I/O connectivity. Today Netbiter is remotely connecting devices and installations around the world 24/7, within PowerGen, Industrial Automation, Building & HVAC,  Power & Energy, Water & Wastewater, Telecom BTS and many more.


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