The new REP485DR-C - Plug & Play isolator, repeater & extender for RS485/RS422 networks

Plug&play isolator, repeater & extender for RS485/RS422 networks.

AutoDirection control: automatically determines the direction of data transmission.



  • No software drivers or manual setting are required.
  • Baud Rate: 1200 - 115200bps, automatically detects serial signal baud rate.
  • Communication protocol: asynchronous transfer,transparent transmission, half/full duplex.
  • Operation mode: point to point, point to multipoint.
  • Industrial design, ABS housing.
  • Full 3-way isolation between the power supply and the serial lines preventing possible ground-loop
    effects, making the device applicable even in heavy environmental conditions.
  • Mounting on standard DIN-Rail EN-50022.
  • Screw terminals.

Application examples

  • Modbus RS485 repeater, isolator, booster.
  • Isolating of RS485, RS422 lines.
  • With utility meters in utility applications.
  • In industrial control systems.
  • With motor drives in industrial installations.
  • In automated HVAC Systems.


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