Equipped with galvanic isolation and automatic switching of the transmit/receive direction.

Most RS485/RS422 interface drivers provide data transmission up to 1.2 km and limit the number of the connected devices up to 31. When more devices need to be connected or they are located at distance more than 1.2 km, the REP485DR-C repeater can be applied.

REP485DR-C acts as a bi-directional transmitter / receiver to the RS485/422 line. The transmission direction is controlled automatically.REP485DR C 3B1 1

With REP485DR-C a new branch can be created in the RS485/RS422 highway, which increases the number of the connected devices by 31, and adds another 1.2 km to the line length.

One more advantage can be the ability to establish a connection between two branches with different connection modes (for example, four-wire to two-wire).

Galvanically separated from each other, the two branches allow data exchange in environments with high level of electromagnetic interference and difference in the potentials of the masses of the communicating devices.

The REP485DR-C design makes it convenient for industrial mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail.

LED indication about data transmission in the corresponding RS485/RS422 branch.

Technical features:

  • Galvanic insulation between RS485/RS422 branches.
  • Modes of operation: half-duplex RS485(2-wire), full duplex RS485(4-wire), point-to-point RS422(4-wire).
  • Built-in automatic RS485/RS422 transmission control.
  • Optical isolation: 1500 VRMS.
  • Baud Rate:115.200 kbps.
  • Built-in terminators for RS485/422 lines.
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC.
  • Power consumption: ≤1.5 W.
  • Cable type for RS485: twisted pair.
  • Wire cross-section: ≤2.5 mm².
  • Terminals: non-detachable.
  • LED indication about power and transmission.
  • Operating temperature range: 5÷55 °C.
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 95 %.
  • Industrial design, ABS box.
  • Dimensions: 53x90x58 mm.
  • Protection degree: IP20.
  • Mounting 35 mm DIN rail.


Connecting a new branch to the RS422/485 line.
Increasing the number of segments in the network - larger distance, more devices in one network.
Galvanic separation of communication segments.
Building of management and information systems for discrete or continuous technological processes.
Data collection and processing systems, industrial control systems.
With measuring devices for utility applications.
Motor drives for industrial use.
Automated HVAC systems.
Management of petrol stations, etc.

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